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[Software] Borah, Kallol (2005) A Software Agent platform for Ubiquitous computing. [Other]

[Software] David, Sislak and Michal, Pechoucek (2004) A-globe: multi-agent platform with inaccessibility and mobility support. [Other]

[Software] Astley, M. and Clausen, T.H. (2000) Actor Foundry. [Educational]

[Software] Horn, E. and Hauert, A. (1999) ADE. [Other]

[Software] Adventnet, (2003) AdventNet Agent Toolkit. [Other]

[Software] Agentbuilder, (2001) Agent Builder. [Other]

[Software] Collier, Rem and Ross, Robert and O'Hare, Gregory (2000) Agent Factory. [Other]

[Software] O'Hare, G. (2003) Agent Factory. [Educational]

[Software] Forte, (2004) Agent Newsreader. [Other]

[Software] Gray, B. (1997) Agent Tcl. [Educational]

[Software] Ishida, T. (1997) AgenTalk. [Educational]

[Software] Eriksson, J. (1999) AgentBase. [Other]

[Software] Laclavik, Michal (2005) AgentOWL - Agents with OWL ontology models using JADE agent system and Jena. [Other]

[Software] AgentSheets, (2002) AgentSheets. [Other]

[Software] Silva, A. and da Silve, M.M. and Delgado, J. (2000) AgentSpace. [Educational]

[Software] DeLoach, S.A. (2001) agentTool. [Educational]

[Software] AgentWare, (2001) AgentWare. [Other]

[Software] Munich University of Technology, (2005) Agilo. [Other]

[Software] IBM, (2002) Aglets. [Other]

[Software] KazTrix corporation, (2001) AI agent. [Other]

[Software] ISTC-CNR, and noze, and Gianguglielmo, C. and Giovanni, P. (2005) Akira. [Other]

[Software] Zapf, M. and Herrmann, K. (2004) Ametas. [Other]

[Software] Amzi!, (2003) Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server. [Other]

[Software] Dale, J. and Knottenbelt, J. (2004) April Agent Platform. [Other]

[Software] The Brookings Institution, (2000) Ascape. [Other]

[Software] Busetta, P. and Kotagiri, R. (1998) BDIM agent toolkit. [Other]

[Software] Toshiba, (2002) Bee-Gent. [Other]

[Software] Botbox, (2004) Botbox. [Other]

[Software] BotQL, (2003) BotQL. [Other]

[Software] Sierhuis, Maarten (1992) Brahms. [Other]

[Software] Martin, P. and Gordon, R. and Pockney, M. (1999) Cable. [Other]

[Software] Comet Way, (2003) Comet Way Agent Kernel. [Other]

[Software] Cirad, (2004) Cormas. [Other]

[Software] Various, (2004) Cougaar. [Other]

[Software] Dartmouth college, (2002) D'agents. [Other]

[Software] Graham, J.R. and Decker, K. (2004) Decaf. [Other]

[Software] Dejima Inc., (2002) Dejima. [Other]

[Software] BT, (2004) Diet. [Other]

[Software] Emorphia, (2004) Emorphia. [Other]

[Software] Epiphany, (2004) Epiphany. [Other]

[Software] Ericsson, (2003) Erlang. [Other]

[Software] Omicron Group, (2003) Evo. [Other]

[Software] Nareyek, A. (2004) Excalibur. [Other]

[Software] Gandra de Sousa, P.A. (2001) Fabricare. [Other]

[Software] Emorphia, (2003) FIPA-OS. [Other]

[Software] Noriega, P. (2000) FishMarket. [Other]

[Software] IKV technologies AG, (2003) Grasshopper. [Other]

[Software] Technical University of Vienna, (2000) Gypsy. [Other]

[Software] CHI Software, (2003) iGen. [Other]

[Software] University of Maryland, (2000) Impact. [Other]

[Software] University of Iowa, (2004) Infospiders. [Other]

[Software] Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (2003) Ingenias. [Other]

[Software] Gomez-Sanz, Jorge and Pavon, Juan and Fuentes, Ruben (2002) INGENIAS Development Kit. [Other]

[Software] IIA Barcelona, (2004) Islander. [Other]

[Software] CoCo Software Engineering GmbH, (2000) J-seal 2. [Other]

[Software] The agent oriented software group, (2004) Jack. [Other]

[Software] Telecom Italia Lab, (2004) Jade. [Other]

[Software] University of Cincinnati, (1997) Jafmas. [Other]

[Software] Phelps, S. (2004) JASA. [Other]

[Software] Bordini, R. and Hübner, J.F. (2004) Jason. [Other]

[Software] Jeon, H. and Petrie, C. and Cutkosky, M.R. (1999) JATLite. [Other]

[Software] McKinlay, B. and Moreale, E. (1998) JatLiteBean. [Other]

[Software] Fujitsu, and Sun, and IBM, and Hewlett Packard, and Spawar, and InterX, and Institute of Human and Machine Cogtnition, and Comtec, and Verizon, (2000) Java Agent Services API (JAS). [Other]

[Software] HP Labs, (2004) Jena. [Other]

[Software] Friedman-Hill, E. (2004) Jess. [Other]

[Software] Technische Universität Berlin, (2003) Jiac. [Other]

[Software] Sun Microsystems, (2004) Jini. [Other]

[Software] Stanford University, (2002) Jtp. [Other]

[Software] Struve, D. (2003) Kaariboga. [Other]

[Software] University of Kahlsruhe, (1999) KAMEL and KOMET. [Other]

[Software] University of Florence, (2002) Klaim. [Other]

[Software] Corporation for National Research Initiatives, (1998) Knowbot. [Other]

[Software] Tilab, (2002) Leap. [Other]

[Software] Murphy, A.L. and Picco, G.P. and Roman, G.C. (2003) Lime. [Other]

[Software] Spenser, Clive (2005) LPA Agent Toolkit. [Educational]

[Software] Logic Programming Associates, (2005) LPA Agent Toolkit. [Other]

[Software] Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Southern California, (2004) MACHINETTA. [Other]

[Software] Gutknecht, O. (2003) Madkit. [Other]

[Software] Intelligence Science, (2003) MAGE. [Other]

[Software] Magenta Technology, (2004) Magenta multi-agent platform. [Other]

[Software] Gorodetsky, V. (2004) MASDK. [Other]

[Software] MAS Lab, (2005) MASS. [Other]

[Software] Jacomino, A. (2000) Massyve. [Other]

[Software] Iglesias, C.A. (1999) Mast. [Other]

[Software] Abdelkader, G. (2003) MIC* Framework. [Other]

[Software] Microsoft, (2004) Microsoft Agent. [Other]

[Software] Salzburg Research, (2005) MIDP Agents. [Other]

[Software] Campbell, A.T. (1998) Mobiware. [Other]

[Software] Ginot, V. (2000) Mobydic. [Other]

[Software] Beugnard, A. and Phan, D. (2001) Moduleco. [Other]

[Software] Mozart Consortium, (2003) Mozart. [Other]

[Software] Picco, G.P. (2000) Mucode. [Other]

[Software] Gulyás, L. and Kozsik, T. and Fazekas, S. (2000) Multi-Agent Modeling Language. [Other]

[Software] Wilkins, D. (1998) Multiagent Planning Architecture (MPA). [Other]

[Software] LogiLab, (2002) Narval. [Other]

[Software] SRI international, (2003) Open Agent Architecture. [Other]

[Software] Intelligent Automation Incorporated, (2004) OpenCybele. [Other]

[Software] Fujitsu Laboratories, (2000) Pathwalker. [Other]

[Software] Cutkosky, M. (2000) Processlink. [Other]

[Software] Ishida, T. (2003) Q language. [Other]

[Software] Burse, J. (2000) Quicksilver. [Other]

[Software] University of Chicago, (2004) Repast. [Other]

[Software] Sycara, K. (2003) Retsina. [Other]

[Software] Hübner, J.F. and Sichman, J.S. (2001) Saci. [Other]

[Software] Wallis, S. (1997) SDML. [Other]

[Software] Roth, V. (2004) Semoa. [Other]

[Software] Klügl, F. (2004) Sesam. [Other]

[Software] Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, and CNA SERVIZI Modena s.c.a.r.l, and Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", and Rheinisch Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen, and Thinking Networks AG, and IBM Italia SPA, and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung eingetragener Verein, and Free University of Bozen - Bolzano, (2005) SEWASIE. [Other]

[Software] Heflin, J. (2001) Shoe. [Other]

[Software] Savannah Simulations, (2005) ShopSim. [Other]

[Software] Sloman, A. (1999) SimAgent. [Educational]

[Software] Savannah Simulations, (2005) SimWalk - the simulation software for pedestrian flows. [Other]

[Software] University of Michigan, (2004) Soar. [Other]

[Software] University of Bologna, (2003) Soma. [Other]

[Software] Meyer, A.P. (2005) Spyse. [Other]

[Software] Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (2002) Starlogo. [Other]

[Software] Victauri LLC, (2002) Stauri FAQtaur. [Other]

[Software] Langton, C. (2002) Swarm. [Other]

[Software] Balch, T. (2000) Teambots. [Other]

[Software] Helmhout, J.M. and Gazendam, H.W.M. and Jorna, R.J. and Roest, G.B. (2006) The Social Cognitive Actor: RBot. [Educational]

[Software] Topia, (2000) Topia. [Other]

[Software] Kochenderfer, M. and Sego, M. and Shimano, K. and Tansuwan, J. (2004) TRSoccerbots. [Educational]

[Software] Tryllian, (2005) Tryllian ADK. [Other]

[Software] Omicini, A. (2002) Tucson. [Other]

[Software] Recursion Software, (2003) Voyager. [Other]

[Software] MTA, SZTAKI (2005) WSDL2Agent. [Other]

[Software] Bruns, G. (2003) Xraptor. [Other]

[Software] Thompson, S. (2001) Zeus. [Other]

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