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[Project] Mitkas, P. and Griera i Fisa, M. (2001) Agent Academy.

[Project] University of Patras, and Telecom Italia Learning Services S.p.A., and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and University of Paderborn, and Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, and Universitΰ degli Studi di Salerno, and University of Ioannina, and Centre Universitaire d' Informatique, and Max-Planck Institut fόr Informatik, and Christian-Albrechts-Universitδt zu Kiel, and Universitΰ degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", and University of Athens, and Universitΰ degli Studi di Padova, and Eidgenφssische Technische Hochschule Zόrich, and Universitat Politθcnica de Catalunya, and Universitΰ degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and Institut National De Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, and DIMATIA, Charles University, and University of Cyprus, and Cybernetica, (2005) AEOLUS.

[Project] Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas, and Tech@Spree Software Technology GmbH, and University of Twente, and M-BIS Mobile Business and Innovative Solutions GmbH, and Middle East Technical University, and ALTEC, and AMADEE, and IDI Eikon, (2000) AGENT ACADEMY.

[Project] Willmott, S. (2001) Agentcities.

[Project] Willmott, S. (2001) Agentcities.NET.

[Project] Santoro, R. and Kardasiadou, Z. and Mirabella, E. and Prada, J.M.G and Gil-Robles, A. (2001) ALIVE - Advanced Legal Issues in Virtual Enterprises.

[Project] Myrhauh, H.I (2002) AmbieSense.

[Project] SINTEF, and CognIT a.s, and The Robert Gordon University, and Siemens, and YellowMap AG, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Oslo Airport, and Sevilla Global, and Lonely Planet, and Reuters, (2001) AMBIESENSE.

[Project] British Telecom, and Compaq, and 6WIND, and NTUA, and UPM, and MediaSec, (1999) ANDROID: Active Network Distributed Open Infrastructure Development.

[Project] Pezuela, C. and Pinto Ferreira, J.J. and Pitt, J. and Fernandes, S. and Robin, M. and Pinheiro, F. (2002) B-MAN.

[Project] CE Consulting, (2000) BIDSAVER.

[Project] Payne, Terry and David, Esther and Jennings, Nick (2005) BluScreen - Agent-based Billboard Advertising within a Pervasive Environment.

[Project] Domingue, J. and Koss, M. and Mulholland, P. and Sainter, P. and Zdrahal, Z. (2003) Clockwork.

[Project] Kungl Tekniska Högskolan, and University of Genoa, and ETH Zurich, and University of Leeds, and Max Planck Institute, and University of Hamburg, (2000) COGVIS.

[Project] Witteveen, Cees and de Weerdt, Mathijs (1998) Collective Agent Based Systems.

[Project] Delft University of Technology, and Thales Research & Technology, and University of Amsterdam, and Acklin, B.V. and Inology, and Lithip Systems, (2004) Combined Systems.

[Project] Telnor, and IFE, and Intracom, and Sintef, and Telemed, and Quenn Mary and Westfield University of London, and Norsk Regnesentral, and Computer technology Institute, (2003) CORAS.

[Project] Fessl, Kurt and Weichhart, Georg and Mehandjiev, Nik and Stalker, Iain and Carpenter, Martin (2006) CrossWork: Cross-organisational Business Formation and Enactment.

[Project] Interactive Systems Labs at Universität Karlsruhe, and IRST, and Universitat Politecnica deCatalunya in Barcelona, and PRIMA group at Laboratoire GRAVIR, and The IIHM group of Laboratoire CLIPS, and SONY Deutschland GmbH, and ATLAS, (2000) Fame.

[Project] Mier, Mariola (2006) HealthAgents: Agent-based Distributed Decision Support System for Brain Tumour Diagnosis and Prognosis.

[Project] Georgoulas, Dimitrios and Blow, Keith (2006) In-Motes: An Intelligent Agent Based Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks.

[Project] Duzi, Marie and Vondrak, Ivo and Rapant, Petr (2004) Logic and artificial intelligence for multi-agent systems.

[Project] Fessl, Kurt and Haemmerle, Alexander and Reitbauer, Alois and Ankerl, Martin and Weichhart, Georg (2005) MaBE: Multi-agent Business Environment.

[Project] D'Alicandro, R. and Benelli, M. and Bianchini, V. and Capossele, A. and Glomb, K. and Gourbat, G. and Inrep, Y. and Pringot, L. and Silven, P. and Vernay, F. (2002) MAP: Mobile Adaptive Procedure.

[Project] Moreau, L. and De Roure, D.C and Jennings, N.R. and Braithwaite, S.J. and Dutta, P.S. and Haque, N. (2001) MOHICAN: MObile Handsets In Cooperative Agents Network.

[Project] Ilarri, Sergio and Trillo, Raquel and Mena, Eduardo (2006) Scalable PlatfoRm for movINg Software (SPRINGS).

[Project] Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, and CNA SERVIZI Modena, and Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", and RWTH Aachen University, and Thinking Networks AG, and IBM Italia, and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft/FIT, (2005) SEWASIE.

[Project] Pyotsia, J. and Tiihonen, T. and Terziyan, V. (2004) SmartResource project.

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