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[Software] Tryllian, (2005) Tryllian ADK. [Other]

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[Software] Adventnet, (2003) AdventNet Agent Toolkit. [Other]

[Software] O'Hare, G. (2003) Agent Factory. [Educational]

[Software] Amzi!, (2003) Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server. [Other]

[Software] BotQL, (2003) BotQL. [Other]

[Software] Comet Way, (2003) Comet Way Agent Kernel. [Other]

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[Software] Agentbuilder, (2001) Agent Builder. [Other]

[Software] DeLoach, S.A. (2001) agentTool. [Educational]

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[Software] Noriega, P. (2000) FishMarket. [Other]

[Software] Technical University of Vienna, (2000) Gypsy. [Other]

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[Software] Balch, T. (2000) Teambots. [Other]

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[Software] Topia, (2000) Topia. [Other]

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[Software] Horn, E. and Hauert, A. (1999) ADE. [Other]

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[Software] Gray, B. (1997) Agent Tcl. [Educational]

[Software] Ishida, T. (1997) AgenTalk. [Educational]

[Software] University of Cincinnati, (1997) Jafmas. [Other]

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