A-globe: multi-agent platform with inaccessibility and mobility support

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Type: Software
Member Organisation: 005 Czech Technical University

[Software] David, Sislak and Michal, Pechoucek (2004) A-globe: multi-agent platform with inaccessibility and mobility support. [Other]

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A-globe is an agent platform designed for testing experimental scenarios featuring agents' position and communication inaccessibility, but it can be also used without these extended functions. The platform provides functions for the residing agents, such as communication infrastructure, store, directory services, migration function, deploy service, etc. Communication in A-globe is very fast and the platform is relatively lightweight. A-globe is suitable for real-world simulations including both static (e.g. towns, ports, etc.) and mobile units (e.g. vehicles). In such case the platform can be started in extended version with Geographical Information System (GIS) services and Environment Simulator (ES) agent.


A-globe is Java based agent platform developed by the Gerstner lab. at the Czech Technical University in Prague. It can be downloaded free of charge from http://agents.felk.cvut.cz/aglobe/. Multiple containers running on different machines are supported, where one of them has to be dedicated as the server. Each container contains built-in white and yellow pages services with subscribe-advertise mechanism. Information about registration of an agent is automatically propagated. Agent programming is based on Java language with additional support for tasks, automatic conversation management, subscribe-advertise mechanism, and data topics. There is no additional agent development support. Messaging is based on proprietary encoding of Java objects with possibility to use FIPA ACL XML encoding. Both ontology and mobility are supported. There is an excellent support for debugging which includes built-in message viewer, dynamic visualization of message passing among agents, etc. Cross container visibility can be defined, which dynamically affects communication. Subscriptions are based on regular expressions instead of classical comparison. This platform has excellent communication speed. The communication part of the platform is built on the latest features of Java language and the platform itself is very lightweight. There is support for environmental simulation with agent position and communication inaccessibility.

Status: Completed
Maturity: Other
License: LPGL/BSD-like open source
Support: Volunteer / email support 1-2 people
Application Areas: Tool/System Development, Liaison/Research Networking, Infrastructure, Application Development
Deposited by David Sislak on 05 December 2005

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