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[Project] Interactive Systems Labs at Universität Karlsruhe, and IRST, and Universitat Politecnica deCatalunya in Barcelona, and PRIMA group at Laboratoire GRAVIR, and The IIHM group of Laboratoire CLIPS, and SONY Deutschland GmbH, and ATLAS, (2000) Fame.

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With computing and communication resources affordable and available in abundance, with the internet delivering information to anyone, anytime, anywhere and almost for free, access to information and to communication no longer poses the most serious challenge for the new millennium. Suddenly, dealing with the flood of information and operating the host of devices and technology that deliver it emerges as the chief bottleneck. Software and hardware systems are still too complex and new versions, models, standards at an ever-increasing pace force a disproportionate amount of time, effort, and attention to gadgetry and wizardry on most of us.

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