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[Software] Balch, T. (2000) Teambots. [Other]

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TeamBots is a Java-based collection of application programs and Java packages for multiagent mobile robotics research. The TeamBots distribution is a full source-code release. The simulation environment written entirely in Java. Execution on mobile robots sometimes requires low-level libraries in C, but Java is used for all higher-level functions. At present, TeamBots will run on the Nomadic Technologies' Nomad 150 robot and (very soon) on Personal Robotics' Cye robot. TeamBots supports prototyping, simulation and execution of multirobot control systems. Robot control systems developed in TeamBots can run in simulation using the TBSim simulation application, and on mobile robots using the TBHard robot execution environment.

Status: Completed
Maturity: Other
License: Other
Support: Other
Application Areas: Tool/System Development
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