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[Software] Intelligent Automation Incorporated, (2004) OpenCybele. [Other]

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OpenCybele is a runtime environment built on the top of the Java 2 platform for control and execution of agents. It adopts a service-layered architecture promoting plug-n-play capability of agent services, such as error handling, thread-management, event handling, communication, timer, and migration.


Cybele is Java based agent platform developed by Intelligent Automation Inc. and it is a commercial product. There is CybelePro™ commercial, academic, and free trial 30 days version that can be downloaded from There is also open source OpenCybele that can be downloaded from, nevertheless, this version is missing important features, e.g., time synchronization, repeatable distributed simulation, and agent location services. This review considers all available features in these versions. The platform is fully FIPA compliant and a messaging is based on FIPA ACL with XML encoding with support for both synchronous and asynchronous types of messaging. There is a support for multiple White and Yellow pages services. Agents are programmed using activity centric programming with support for events, timing, and publish-subscribe mechanism. There is an excellent development support by CASE tool with an extended UML for graphical agent design, protocol design, and an agent code is automatically generated. There is no support for ontology. Agent mobility is supported. The platform has an advanced clock support that is used for time synchronization across multiple hosts. There is a very good thread management system. The platform has an excellent debugging support with agent management and profiling. PDA devices are supported using Cybele-ME that can be obtained free of charge with the purchase of Pro version.

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