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[Software] Telecom Italia Lab, (2004) Jade. [Other]

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JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) is a software framework fully implemented in Java language. It simplifies the implementation of multi-agent systems through a middle-ware that complies with the FIPA specifications and through a set of graphical tools that supports the debugging and deployment phases. Telecom Italia Lab is the R&D branch of the Telecom Italia Group and is responsible for promoting technological innovation by scouting new technologies, carrying out and assessing feasibility studies, and developing prototypes and emulators of new services and products. Tilab has conceived and developed JADE, and originated the Open Source Community in February 2000.


Java Agent DEvelopment Framework (JADE) is Java based agent platform developed by Telecom Italia Lab. It is an open source project and installation can be obtained free of charge from http://jade.tilab.com/ under GNU lesser GPL. It is fully FIPA compliant and on top of that it supports all FIPA message encodings (XML, Lisp, and binary). There is a direct support for SL, RDF, and XML content languages. It supports multiple containers that can be running on different machines forming one agent platform. FIPA compliant White and Yellow pages services are available. There is a support for an interconnected set of these services defined by the user. A subscription for these services is available too. Agent programming is based on Java language with additional support for behaviors and events. It is also possible to use JESS™ rule engine for agent programming. Both ontology and mobility are supported. There is no additional support for development of agents, but there is support for debugging which includes built-in message viewer and agent introspector. Multiple network communication protocols are supported and additional ones can be developed via Message Transfer Protocol plug-ins. There is a very good support for different virtual machines like J2ME, J2EE, and also for .NET framework. The platform offers an excellent scalability and communication speed. Security and web services are supported. There is a great collection of add-ons and 3rd party software available since there is a huge community of developers that are using JADE.

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