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[Software] Agentbuilder, (2001) Agent Builder. [Other]

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AgentBuilder is an integrated tool suite for constructing intelligent software agents. AgentBuilder consists of two major components - the Toolkit and the Run-Time System. The AgentBuilder Toolkit includes tools for managing the agent-based software development process, analyzing the domain of agent operations, designing and developing networks of communicating agents, defining behaviors of individual agents, and debugging and testing agent software. The Run-Time System includes an agent engine that provides an environment for execution of agent software. AgentBuilder supports KQML.


Agent Builder® is Java based agent platform developed by Acronymics Inc. and it is a commercial product. There are Light and Pro commercial and academic versions and an evaluation version that is restricted to tutorial agents only can be downloaded from Agents are programmed graphically using rules and protocols. Beliefs, commitments, intentions, capabilities, behavioral rules, and roles can be used for agent programming. Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML) is used for message passing. The platform is not FIPA compliant and roles are used for agent location. There is a built-in graphical ontology manager and object modeler. Mobility is not supported. Agency viewer is used for debugging and agent communication monitoring. Project Accessory Classes are available for the interaction with environment using Java, C, or C++. There is a very detailed help file that guides the user step by step through agent programming. Run-time agent inference engine for execution of agent programs is available.

Status: Completed
Maturity: Production grade system
License: Other
Support: Other
Application Areas: Tool/System Development
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