A Software Agent platform for Ubiquitous computing

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Type: Software

[Software] Borah, Kallol (2005) A Software Agent platform for Ubiquitous computing. [Other]

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Indus is an object oriented programming language for concurrent and distributed programming. It enables implementation of software agents and software components - both new abstractions of the language. Software agents 'coordinate' among themselves to collaboratively execute tasks and while doing so, they 'compose' (plug together/ reuse) software components. Coordination and Composition are new language abstractions in Indus. The Indus run time available to the Indus programmer as a set of libraries (some of whom he explicitly uses and some that are always implicitly used) enable agents implemented to be deployed into a Indus container, discover (at run time) other agents/components, route messages intelligently, manage transactions, policies, security, etc. The Indus compiler tool chain generates Java, C and Small C code that enables Indus agents to be executed on a variety of 8/16/32/64 bit hardware platforms. This makes it ideal as a pervasive computing platform.

Status: Completed
Maturity: Beta++ grade - Beta but core functionality stable and widely used for one or more years
License: Closed source / Binary (free)
Support: Pofessional support / small-medium company (with support contract)
Funding: $ 1 million
Application Areas: Application Development
Deposited by Mr Kallol Borah on 20 July 2005

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