Agent Factory: A Framework for the Engineering of Agent-Oriented Applications
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Type: Thesis (PhD)

Collier, Rem (2001) Agent Factory: A Framework for the Engineering of Agent-Oriented Applications. PhD thesis, University College Dublin.

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Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) is an emerging paradigm within industry that offers much potential of the management of the increasing levels of complexity inherent within modern software systems. For this paradigm to gain widespread acceptance, it is vital that we develop comprehensive frameworks that support the development and deployment of agent-oriented applications. This thesis contributes to this through the development of a four-tier development framework entitled the Agent Factory System. This framework combines an agent programming language that is founded upon a formal agent theory of commitment; a run-time environment that delivers a set of services that support the deployment of agent-oriented applications written in this programming language; an integrated development environment that delivers a toolkit that supports the development of these applications; and a development methodology that promotes a structured approach to the use of this toolkit. Finally, we evaluate the Agent Factory System from the context of various real-world time-critical development projects in which it has been deployed. The evaluation itself is realised through a questionnaire-based survey of various users who have had a prolonged exposure to the use of the System.

Deposited by Dr Rem Collier on 09 April 2005

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