Agent Oriented Software Engineering with Web Applications
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Gomez Sanz, Jorge and Fuentes, Ruben (2004) Agent Oriented Software Engineering with Web Applications. International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology, 1 (4). 471- 483. ISSN 1741-9212

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This paper proposes an agent oriented approach to design web applications. Contrary to other research work, this paper considers agents only at the conceptual level because they are convenient abstractions. In the implementation, agents are substituted by more adequate computational entities like Enterprise Java Beans or servlets. The translation from the conceptual level to the implementation is based on the relevance of interactions in both web-applications and Multi-Agent Systems. Throughout the paper, we show the current situation in Multi-Agent systems and what elements are required in a Multi-Agent System implementation.

Deposited by Dr. Jorge /J.J. Gomez-Sanz on 31 March 2005

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