INGENIAS Development Kit
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Type: Software

[Software] Gomez-Sanz, Jorge and Pavon, Juan and Fuentes, Ruben (2002) INGENIAS Development Kit. [Other]

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This software intends to facilitate the development of MAS by supporting the INGENIAS Development Process (IDP). This process was created to help developers to use agent concepts in the context of a system development following engineering practices. As a result, this process proposes a set of deliverables, activities, and guidelines about how these activities could be organized. If you are interested in the IDP, you could review our dedicated web site ( Also, you can consult our published papers [1] [2] The IDP is supported by tools that implement notation and implementation techniques described in the original work of INGENIAS. We name these tools the INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK), and that is what this distribution is giving to you. To know more about the IDK, please, read the following sections [1] Gomez-Sanz, J. and Pavon, J. (2003). Agent oriented software engineering with INGENIAS. In Vladim´ýr Mar´ýk and J¨org M¨uller and Michal Pechoucek, editor, Multi-Agent Systems and Applications III, volume 2691 of LNCS, pages 394–403, Prague, Czech Republic. 3rd International Central and Eastern European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems, CEEMAS 2003, Springer Verlag. [2] Gomez-Sanz, Jorge J., Pavon, Juan, and Garijo, Francisco (2002). Metamodels for building multi-agent systems. In Proceedings of the 2002 ACM symposium on Applied computing, pages 37–41. ACM Press.

Status: Active
Maturity: Beta+ grade - Beta but actively used in several applications by third parties
License: GPL-like open source
Support: Volunteer / email support 1-2 people
Funding: TIC2002-04516-C03-03 (Spanish Council for Science and Technology). 2003 - 2005
Application Areas: Tool/System Development, Application Development
Deposited by Dr. Jorge /J.J. Gomez-Sanz on 28 March 2005

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