Facilitating the Deployment of Intelligent Agents in the Application Development Mainstream

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Schoepke, Steven H. (1999) Facilitating the Deployment of Intelligent Agents in the Application Development Mainstream. AgentLink News (3). pp. 10-12.

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A lucrative window of opportunity currently exists for the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to emerge as a worthy force in the application development mainstream. Recent developments in academia and industry indicate a possible convergence of AI and the object-oriented/component-based paradigm. The common conduit to attain this objective could be the intelligent agent. However, one of the most daunting obstacles to successful deployment of this technology may very well be this movement’s primary target: the developer and user populations. Their unfamiliarity with AI-related concepts and possibilities may present the greatest hindrance to widespread acceptance. The technical eloquence of intelligent agents may not be enough to achieve widespread deployment. In a “market” crowded with competitive solutions, any one offering cannot afford to rest on the laurels of its technical excellence, but must make optimal use of strategies on both the academic and the vendor sides of the “fence”. Many potential obstacles to AI’s success could ultimately be overcome by the employment of prudent strategies, or a situation similar to the unmet expectations of the 1980s may result. During that period, the lack of an effective forum for communication and understanding, coupled with a lack of available vehicles (like intelligent agents) may have contributed to AI’s failure to penetrate the mainstream. However, many recent initiatives, innovations, and implementations in the intelligent agent arena have resurrected AI’s promising future. The following strategies attempt to realize this potential.

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