MAP: Mobile Adaptive Procedure
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[Project] D'Alicandro, R. and Benelli, M. and Bianchini, V. and Capossele, A. and Glomb, K. and Gourbat, G. and Inrep, Y. and Pringot, L. and Silven, P. and Vernay, F. (2002) MAP: Mobile Adaptive Procedure.

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The MAP project will develop a system supporting civil servants while they interact with citizens; it is a front-end e-assistance system. Special software agents will "listen" to the interaction in real-time, using advanced speech-recognition technologies, to identify the topics discussed. An expert system will select from the knowledge base of the administration the most pertinent information; then MAP will proactively propose it to the civil servant. The system will assist the interaction with the citizens in a seamless way, whenever they contact the administration: while on the move, on the net, face-to-face.

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