Bridging the Gap from High-level Process Modelling to Runtime Agent Systems
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Type: Thesis (Other)

Lemmetty, J. (2003) Bridging the Gap from High-level Process Modelling to Runtime Agent Systems. Other thesis, Jyväskylä Polytechnic.

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Information systems become more complex each year, which leads to a growing need for raising the abstraction level when designing and maintaining information systems. Keeping the translation of information between the levels of abstraction automatic, requires the mapping of concepts, and in some cases, building separate software for executing the translation. In a world where organizations are rapidly moving towards electronic processes and document exchange, the ability to control processes from high-level, without constant intervention from the IT-department can make the difference whether to thrive or wither away. A brief study about different process modelling languages is included. More detailed study concentrated on ebXML defined business process model (BPSS) and related specifications. An introduction to agents and FIPA is presented and mapping effort of concepts from BPSS into the agent-oriented environment is done. Concepts from process modelling and agent architecture proved to be compatible and based on this, a prototype resulting as an execution framework for electronic business processes was created. Experiences from the prototype indicated that agent-based systems are maturing to be used in business critical applications.

Deposited by Mr. Jussi Lemmetty on 07 January 2005

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